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    Default What apps got you through 2012?

    Looking back at all the apps that were indispensable for me in 2012. Curious what got you all through the year. Anyone wanna share a quick list?
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    These 20 Apps have all become must-haves for me in the last 12months installing them on the few Android phones I've gone through (excluding the suite of Google Apps):
    -Nova Launcher Prime (with Tesla Unread Count)
    -Missed It (for GLOBAL Badge Notifications because SMS / Gmail / Missed Calls isn't enough)
    -Widget Locker
    -Light Flow
    -SwitchPro Widget
    -SwiftKey 3
    -History Eraser Pro
    -PhoneLocator Pro
    -Extreme Call Blocker
    -Tiny Call Confirm+
    -Headset Button Controller
    -Hold Screen ON
    -Minimalistic Text
    -Simple Text
    -Wallpaper Wizardrii Pro
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    My list is very simple since the iPhone 5 is my daily driver. I am currently using the Nexus 4 with AT&T (ordered a T-mobile prepaid SIM) with the following setup.

    Home Screen
    Nova Launcher
    Simple Text Widget
    Zooper Widget Free (widget)
    Hooha (formerly Dash - text widget)
    Plume (text widget)
    Four Square (text widget)
    Google Email (text widget)
    Personal Email (text widget)
    People (text widget)

    Google Maps
    Google Chrome

    *all are text widgets in the dock*

    Honorable Mentions
    Fly Delta
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    If I had to pick one, for me it would be WiFiJumper. Since I have several wireless access points in my house, the app makes sure I'm always on the one with the strongest signal, and turns off wifi if I'm not at home. SImple but very effective.

    And of course, the Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine for all those times when I need a good reference...but I may be a bit biased about that one
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    My List goes like this
    SwiftKey 3
    Google maps
    LookOut Pro
    ScanDisk backup pro
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    I used to use my Atrix exclusively for everything until I got a xoom earlier this year which carried most of the load (Photo editing apps , Games , Videos
    ... etc) from the Atrix !
    I have like 100 apps between the 2 , I'll mention the ones I use the most :

    Launcher :
    - ADW Launcher & Launcher 7 in the Atrix.
    - Apex in the Xoom.

    Cloud : SkyDrive & DropBox.

    A.I. Type Plus Keyboard.

    EverNote. (The Tablet version is awesome, its my App of the year , I think its the best app I ever used so far)

    ZDBox. (Do Not Disturb mode is a must have)

    3G WatchDog. (Life Saver)

    Player Pro. (I hated Google music,Xoom came preloaded with it)

    ES File Explorer. (uninstalled Astro when I downloaded it)

    Widget Locker. (For that Sense 3.0 lock)

    Plume. (looking for an alternative)

    HD Widgets. (Awesome, stopped using Beautiful Widgets when I got it)


    Dolphin Browser. (done like chrome)

    SwipePad. (A whole hidden screen of shortcuts launched via gestures)

    Minimalistic text & UCCW .
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    I usually keep a look bloated phone (a lot of apps that I rarely or never use that I downloaded just to try them out), so I'll just hit the highlights.

    SwiftKey 3 - Best. Keyboard. EVER!
    Titanium Backup - I got into rooting and flashing this year and TiBu is a lifesaver.
    TWRP - My recovery of choice.
    Waze - As a navigation app it sucks. But for speed trap notifications it's great (since there are enough users on my daily commute route).
    Google Music - gapps are obvious, but I use Google Music so much that it deserves special attention
    Pandora - The updated UI is awesome. (Or more accurately the old UI sucked)
    TuneIn Radio - So I can get my NPR fix.
    Facebook / Friendcaster - Using both I almost end up with 1 decent app. (None of my friends are on G+)
    CBS Sports Fantasy Football - For managing the team
    Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / Charlie Brown Christmas - To entertain the 6-year old.
    Speed Test - When you're on Sprint you're constantly hunting for decent data speeds

    Are You Jellin - First JB ROM for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Built from AOSP.
    CM10 nightlies - After the first M-series release, the nightlies were really good

    NOVA 3 and The Dark Knight Rises - Not as good as Dead Space, Shadowgun, and Modern Combat 3 were last year.
    Granny Smith - Best game of the year
    Angry Birds Space - Breathed some fresh life into a dead franchise.
    Skies Safari - So addictive

    Ooo. I forgot an important one.

    SMS Popup - I love to have SMS messages pop up over whatever is open and allow me to quick reply. It's was one of the 1st apps I install until I flashed CM which has that natively.

    Sent from my CM'd Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums
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    I have an unlocked GNex on Tmobile, and an Acer Iconia Tab a500.

    Home screen:
    Beautiful widgets (weather/clock)
    Stock calendar widget
    Media folder:
    Beyond pod
    OnTour Free (concert info)
    Google Play Movies
    Google Play Music
    TuneIn Radio
    Score center

    Games folder:
    Bonsai Blast
    Bubble Popper
    Flick Golf
    Fruit Ninja
    Highway Rider
    Moron Test
    NFL Flick Quarterback
    Shoot Bubble
    Temple Run
    Where's my Perry
    Solitaire Mega pack
    Ghost busters
    Plague Inc (Thanks Phil)

    Utilities folder:
    Google Earth
    Drop box
    ES File Explorer
    Google Sky map
    White pages
    Documents to go

    Social folder:
    Android Central
    ESPN Fantasy Football
    Linked in

    Read folder:
    Google Reader

    Dock: phone, txt msg, chrome, people app

    Misc: flashlight, car dashboard, MyCalender

    Specifically on my tablet: Madden 2012, Grand Theft Auto
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    Dock: Text, Chrome, G-Voice, Maps, and Gmail

    Apps: FlexT9 Text input (thank you Amazon for giving this free)
    Yahoo Finance
    Poweramp music player
    Tunein Pro
    Es file explorer
    Amazon app store

    Flick Golf

    Last but not least
    Mobile Nations forums app
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    My most treasured apps are:
    Dolphin HD (WAY faster than Chrome)
    Pandora One (Music with no ads in the car? Yes please)
    Google Voice
    Google Music
    BeyondPod for my podcatcher, mostly just listen to AC Podcast
    Google's Reader for RSS, this is one of my most used apps
    Tapatalk for forums (again, mostly just AC)
    ES File Explorer (it's so wonderful)
    Dropbox, box, Drive, etc.
    I love having AdAway
    Beautiful widgets
    Alarm Clock Xtreme Free - it's great for that giant snooze button

    Recently the games I've been playing are:
    Jetpack Joyride, Nun Attack, Hill Climb Racer, Grabatron, and every once in a while I check on Curiosity to see how it's going.

    Overall, I mostly use my phone for RSS, forum browsing, email, and gaming (besides normal phone functions).
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    my list is rather short but the following apps are necessary to me...

    - 3G Watchdog
    - Amazon Kindle
    - ES File Explorer
    - Exchange Rates
    - Holo Launcher*
    - Pakete (a postage/package tracker)
    - Poweramp
    - Tunein Radio

    and less specific an email client and a text editor.

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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    Samsung Galaxy S II is my phone of choice on stock JB. Here are a list of my app essentials.
    google plus
    android central forums
    chrome to phone
    gas buddy - find cheap gas
    iMediaShare - stream video and music directly to ur xbox 360
    play music
    amazon mp3
    astro file manager
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    My appsolutely necessary apps are pretty boring.

    -Tunein Radio (also for my NPR fix )
    -Angry Birds
    -Alarm Clock Pro
    -Google Music
    -Weather Channel
    -Blackboard Mobile
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    I have way to many apps on my GNEX but these apps are my absolute favorite apps I used nearly every day this year or until something better came out.

    All Apps Linked To US Play Store. Just Click The App Name.
    Nova Launcher - A great customizable launcher. My daily launcher until Action Launcher came out.
    Action Launcher Pro - This actually beat out nova launcher for me because of its simplicity and should I say innovative app drawer. It also looks beautiful too.
    Beautiful Widgets - It's just a great widget.
    Titanium Backup Pro - A must have for root users
    Eye In Sky Weather - The absolute BEST weather app on android
    Falcon Pro - I really never used twitter as much as I do now with this app.
    Amazon Appstore - Free Apps of the Day. That's about all I use it for.
    Snapseed - My personal favorite photo editor
    Perfectly Clear - The name of the app pretty much explains what type of photo editor this is.
    Cache Cleaner - Well, it cleans cache.
    Dolphin Browser - So much faster than Google Chrome.
    Currents, Press, and Minimal Reader Pro - I can't decide which is better. You can't go wrong with any of these.
    Granny Smith - Best Game EVER...until you beat it.
    Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP - Such a beautiful game. With great headphones it's a breath-taking experience.
    Devil's Attorney - When RPG and Lawyers cross paths
    Pudding Monsters - Such an addicting puzzler
    NFS Most Wanted - Really great racer. Plus you get to smash police cars without penalty
    Super Monster Ate My Condo - It's hard to explain. The best way I can put it is Jenga on crack.
    Apollo Pro - To bad it is not on the play store any longer but you can get a basic version on cyanogenmod.
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    For me, the list is as follows. I use a Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305).

    • Google Currents - almost simply the best news reader, but v2.0 has a strange new redesign
    • SwiftKey 3 - can't live without it. I type 200x faster on this than on the stock keyboard
    • SoundHound - for times when you must know what the song on the radio/in the supermarket is
    • SMS Backup and Restore - as I'm always factory resetting my phone I like to backup then restore my messages
    • Screen filter - so my corneas don't burn up at night when I use my phone without lights on.
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Endomondo Pro - makes me happy to see how many calories I've burnt
    • WhatsApp - extremely important as I have loads of group chats; the reason why I didn't migrate to Windows Phone - WhatsApp on WP is for masochists!
    • Kopitiam Balance - a nifty little app that reads my 'Kopitiam' card with NFC. This card is used to buy food at food courts in my country.
    • SBS Transit iris - an extremely useful app with an atrocious design and small quirks. Has not been overhauled in God knows how long. Used to predict bus arrival times in my country with surprising accuracy.
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    for my Galaxy Note 2, flip board has been my favorite. I used to use Google Currents, but made the switch when I got the Note. I can keep g of my articles, Social networking updates, and ESPN sports clips in one spot. I use it every day. The Android Central Forums would be the other app that I use multiple times daily,

    sent from my Galaxy Note 2, baddest phone on the planet.
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    The two I'd hate to be without: Pykl3 Radar (I live in tornado alley) and Flipboard. LOVE Flipboard.
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    On my galaxy note 2

    Apex launcher
    Weight watchers (a girl gotta keep her figure)
    Talking translator
    Jspanese conversation
    Korean words
    Pinterest! !!
    Wattpad-read new & aspiring authors novels
    Kakao talk
    Contract killer 2
    Shadow gun
    Drawdle-strategic physics game for S pen
    Highway rider-3rd person, I love it

    Sent from my SPH-L900 using Android Central Forums
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    My top picks would have to be Nova Launcher Prime, Flipboard, and Chaos Rings.

    But especially Nova. No more home screen redraws!
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    I still have an Archos 43 running froyo custom rom Urukdroid. Sad I know but I have a brand new Nexus 7 32GB on the way! Looking forward to all the Jelly Bean goodness. All my apps have to run under wifi or without internet access when I'm out and about so that effects many of my choices. I also have a strong preference to apps that have cloud backup but can run without internet access. I mostly use it when I'm away from home.

    Most Used/Favorite Apps:
    Go Launcher
    Elixir2/Elixir Widget for notification bar switches and back up
    AK Notepad/Catch notes
    CoPilot Live
    NIV Bible & ESV add on from Tecarta
    Gift Pony - during the Christmas season to keep track of gifts and all year to keep ideas
    Ewallet - Along with desktop program manages all my passwords, accounts, personal info, etc.
    Packing List full - for when I'm organizing for a trip
    Remember Me - for memorizing verses
    sbautologin - autologin at starbucks and mcdonalds without having to agree to terms each time
    Dolphin browser - just switched back from opera it seems faster.
    To Market Pro - for grocery shopping but I'll probably go back to Grocery IQ because it has the web interface. It was compatible, then it wasn't and now it is again.
    TV Show Favs - for keeping track of watched episodes. Developer is very responsive.
    Droid48-HP 48 series calculator emulator
    Titanium Backup
    Android Lost - for remote wiping, security, alarm, etc. Somewhat buggy but doesn't need a cellular connection.

    Current Favorite Games:
    Slitherlink (full version)
    Patience Revised
    Phase 10
    Enjoy Sudoku (paid)
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    Here are the ones I cant't be without:

    - Nova Launcher Prime (w/ TelsaUnread)
    - Swiftkey 3 (w/ Flow beta installed)
    - Go SMS (hate the stock GNX app)
    - Falcon Pro
    - IM+
    - Foursquare
    - Dolphin Browser (fastest out there)
    - Pixl Express
    - Business Calender (along with Haxsync to pull all my events and birthdays from FB and put them into my calender)
    - Beautiful Widgets
    - Current Caller ID (looks up all the numbers that call/text you that arent in your phone book)
    - RemoteLink (OnStar to start car, lock/unlock, etc)
    - Starbucks (so I can still get my coffe even when I forget my wallet)
    - Evernote
    - NFS Most Wanted
    - Pulse
    - Flipboard
    - Battery Widget

    These would be in addidtion to all of the Google apps.
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    Ad Away
    Apex Launcher
    Apollo Music Player
    Camera 360
    Cyan Tapatalk
    GO SMS Pro
    Opera Mini
    PicsPlay Pro
    Pimp My Rom
    SMS Backup and Restore
    Titanium Backup
    And YouTube

    Sent from my LG-VM670 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
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    Default Re: What apps got you through 2012?

    Ooo. I forgot an important one.

    SMS Popup - I love to have SMS messages pop up over whatever is open and allow me to quick reply. It's was one of the 1st apps I install until I flashed CM which has that natively.

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums

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