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    SB Player, a software Squeezebox player app for Android 4.1+ (Jellybean) is now available on Google Play:

    - Supports both local servers and MySqueezebox.com (you will need to have a MySqueezebox.com account)
    - Automatically discovers local servers on your network.
    - Supports playback of music files on your server and internet streams.
    - Natively decodes Flac, MP3, AAC, Ogg, Alac, and PCM (AIF and Wav) audio.
    - Natively supports playback of 24bit audio by converting to 16bit (with dithering).
    - Continues playing when the app is in the background.
    - Can handle music with lower than 44.1Khz sampling rates, common with internet radio.
    - Supports fade in, fade out, and crossfading between songs.
    - Supports synchronized playback with other players.
    - Supports single channel mode for using two sync'd players as left and right channels
    - Supports track/album gain for songs.
    - Automatically pauses playback for phone calls.
    - Option to launch directly into the notification area without showing an app view.
    - Option to limit playback to only lossy compressed formats for low bandwidth situations.
    - Option to disable 24->16bit dithering and/or use lower quality resampling for use on slower devices.
    - Works with the apps in MyApps that are allowed by Logitech to work on software players.

    - Only works with ShoutCast and plain http internet streams, which accounts for the majority
    of streams. Will not work with MMS and MMSH streams, which are mainly used for WMA audio.
    - Apps like Rhapsody (and possibly Spotify) will not work with this app because Logitech restricts
    them to hardware players only. I've been told that paid Pandora should work.
    - The quality of synchronized playback can vary a lot depending on the device.
    It works well on a Galaxy Nexus, but it won't be perfect and will need to be adjusted in your server
    02-06-2013 02:43 PM

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