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03-22-2013 09:46 AM
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    Default What Apps make it worth rooting?

    I have no desire to load a custom ROM, and the presence of bloatware doesn't bother me. However, I am a techie, and I like to do as much with my phone as I can if it would be beneficial to me. So far, with my phone, I know that I need to be rooted to silence the camera shutter... but I don't know that is enough of a benefit to get me to root.

    So, what app(s) or app functionality requires a phone to be rooted? Is there an app that you use that makes rooting essential for you?

    I will start out with one that I have discovered, that I might like to have. I will maintain a list in this posting if the thread grows long enough to benefit from a digest.

    Avast! Mobile Security - Needs root for firewall functionality.
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    Default Re: What Apps make it worth rooting?

    Rooting is all about the roms! But you can wifi tether free. You can over clock under clock flash new kernels. Uh shell command if you like Linux lol

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    Default Re: What Apps make it worth rooting?

    Titanium Backup is the main reason I rooted.

    Even though I have a Nexus, there is still what I consider bloatware on my phone that I was able to delete. Such as Google Magazines, Google Books, Google Music, etc...

    Some may not consider Google apps bloatware, but for what I use my phone for, I do not need these apps, so it's nice to be able to delete whatever you deem unnecessary for your particular needs. It just makes your phone cleaner & less cluttered up.

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