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    Thumbs up [APP] Math Professional

    Math Professional a new and powerful math app for your mobile.


    You can access almost all functions also without internet connection.


    Can perform all the functions of an advanced scientific calculator and is able to plot 2D and 3D functions, also provides numeric conversion octal, hexadecimal and binary forms, allows the derivative calculation, multi plotting and the direct plotting of the derivatives functions. Includes logarithmic functions, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, allows for the calculation of the MCD, linear combinations and permutations, factorization and much more. See the help in the section for detailed information on how to invoke the functions and syntax notation to use.


    Allow to find the equation roots real and complex. Just set the degree of the equation and fill out the fields to get the result.


    This tool provide a powerful matrix solver. You can calculate inverse, transpose, the standard rank, exponentiation, break it down, finding the determinant, finding eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors, calculate the product, addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices and much more.


    • Midpoint coordinates in 2D and 3D plane
    • Distance between two points in 2D and 3D plane
    • Linear interpolation
    • Calculation of perimeter and area of plane figures
    • Calculation of volume and surface of solids
    • Perpendicular bisector
    • Perpendicular distance
    • Point slope straight line eq
    • Segment coordinates of points
    • Slope intercept straight line eq
    • Vectors cartesian product
    • Vectors scalar products


    • Autocorrelation
    • CUSUM
    • Cohen's D
    • Covariance
    • Effect size
    • Elliptic Gamma function
    • Empiric rule
    • F-Test
    • Fibonacci
    • Geometric mean
    • Hankel function
    • Inverse Gamma distribution
    • Linear regression
    • Logarithmic Gamma distribution
    • Mean
    • Median
    • Mode
    • Neumann function
    • Percentile to Z-score
    • Polygamma function
    • Pooled variance
    • Skewness
    • Spherical Hankel function
    • T-Test
    • T-Test critical value
    • Tukey post-hoc test
    • Variance
    • Z-score to percentile


    • Bayesian inference
    • Binomial distribution
    • Cauchy-lorentzian distribution
    • Expected value
    • Exponential distribution
    • Gumbel distribution
    • Hypergeometric distribution
    • Multinomial distribution
    • Normal distribution
    • Poisson distribution
    • Probability density distribution
    • Rayleigh distribution
    • Venn conditional probability
    • Weibull cumulative distribution


    Allows you to meet all major needs in financial calculation. The list of available features includes the calculation and \ or analysis of:
    • Break even calculator
    • Dividend payout ratio
    • FCNR cash certificate issue price
    • FCNR income deposit
    • Individual retirement account (IRA)
    • Interest rate calculator
    • Inventory cost in both FIFO and LIFO mode
    • Mortgage payment calculator
    • Retirement calculator
    • Return on investment (ROI)
    • Total return
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) calculator
    • [NEW]Net Present Value (NPV) calculation


    Allows you to convert and execute operations between different unit scales or monetary currencies. Thousands and thousands units are supported, just hold down the button unit to view the complete list sorted by category, or directly enter the name of the unit in the search box that will appear with a short click on the button unit. Scrolling the keyboard to the left, you can access additional commands. Are also permitted transactions between different units on condition that are compatible with each other.




    For any request and\or suggestion, reply on this thread. Thanks
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Thanks for sharing! I'm sure many will find this interesting.
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul627g View Post
    Thanks for sharing! I'm sure many will find this interesting.
    Thanks to you.

    Updated to Version 0.0.3
    -GUI improvements
    -Fixed bugs
    -Improved stability
    -Performance improved in various calculation algorithms
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.0.4
    -Improved Graphic Calculator input editing (now you can click in any position to edit the input without delete the latest immission)
    -GUI Improvements
    -Bug fix
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Does it store variables (matrices, strings, numbers etc) with a name and within a folder hierarchy, so they can be pulled up later as needed?... or you have to type in your variable values each time?

    Does it provide capability to save a program (combine mathematical operations in predefined manner), again with a name within a folder structure?... or you have to type them in each time?
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.0.7
    -Fixed bug in constants list
    -Improved stability
    -Arithmetic code optimization
    -Fixed graphic issue in constants list
    -Updated contact module
    -Improved localization
    -Various other minor improvements
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    Lightbulb Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.0.9
    -[NEW FEATURE] Added Net Present Value (NPV) calculation function
    -Fixed various issues and bugs in financial, probabilistic and statistical tools
    -Improved stability
    [Critical]-Fixed nasty bug that could lead the app to show a wrong input warning also if the input was right in many special calculation functions
    -Fixed double standard deviation tag also for the skewness in data set statistical analysis
    -Fixed other minor bugs
    -Improved VAT calc

    This is a really important update, so if you haven't yet updated your app... do it now!
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.1.0
    -[NEW FEATURE] Added linear Eq System Solver function in Equation solver
    -Minor improvements
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.1.2
    -Increased 3D rendering quality
    -Improved GUI quality for many large screen devices
    -Bug fix
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.1.3
    -Improved some financial functions
    -Bug fix
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    Default Re: [APP] Math Professional

    Updated to Version 0.1.4
    -Improved Matrix solver
    -Bug fix

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