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    Default Furby Boom App

    My kids received Furby Boom's for Christmas. There is an app that allows you to interact and play games with your Furby through your tablet. However, that app is only available for select devices through Google Play and my kids both have devices that do not have Google Play on them. I am able to download the app to my tablet that has the Play store and I was able to create an .apk file then put it on their tablet but I get "Furby Boom needs to download another data file to continue. Please ensure your device is connected to Wifi and wait for the file to download." I click okay and then I get this error, "Download failed because the resources could not be found." Any thoughts on a way to get around this?
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    I'm having the same problem...i was hoping to see some answers
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    Same here. She go a nabi 2 and a fubry boom. Tried for hours to get the furby boom app on the nabi, and just when I thought I had succeeded, the app wanted to update and couldn't. I even tryied to install the newest google play store by apk. I could see the icon, but it would not execute, nor would the furby boom app update.
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    Same here, can't connect with Nabi 2 and etting exact same issue re downloading resource. Causing some grief in this household!
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    It appears that if you update your nabi 2 to the latest software version, you get access to Google Play, and should therefore get access to the Furby Boom app.

    If that doesn't work, here are instructions on how to get the Furby Boom app on a nabi 2.

    Furby BOOM! ~ Everything Nabi! - App Zone

    Sorry if that doesn't help the OP as you didn't mention what tablet you had, but it should help the several that have the nabi 2.
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    I have the new kindle fire HDX, having the same problem with furry boom app asking for a second download but not being able to get it.
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    I have the same problem on nexus 5. Is there any solution to download additional content?

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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    how can i download furby boom
    without any play store
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    Default Re: Furby Boom App

    Everyone can try to email Hasbro, the developer of the app. I think it is quite upsetting that a large company like them can drop the ball on development of an app.

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