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    Default Rotate ellipse on image when rotate the image in Android

    I'm having Android code to move, zooming and rotation image. And it working perfect. Now I want to set ellipse on the image and changing it place upon image changes. The ellipse is drawing perfect in moving and zooming cases, but I don't know how to set new points for the ellipse if I rotate the image.

    this is the code I'm using:

    protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
        if (!isInitialized) {
            int w = getWidth();
            int h = getHeight();
            position.set(w / 2, h / 2);
            isInitialized = true;
        Paint paint = new Paint();
        matrix.postTranslate(-width / 2.0f, -height / 2.0f);
        matrix.postScale(scale, scale);
        matrix.postTranslate(position.getX(), position.getY());
        canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, matrix, paint);
            float x=250;
            float y=200;
            float[] values = new float[9];
            x =values[Matrix.MSCALE_X]*x+values[Matrix.MTRANS_X];
            y =values[Matrix.MSCALE_Y]*y+values[Matrix.MTRANS_Y];
            y+values[Matrix.MTRANS_Y], xC, yC);
            canvas.drawCircle(x, y, 15, paint);
        catch(NullPointerException e) {
            // Just being lazy here...

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