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    Default Task/To-do List App with Google Sidebar Theme

    Hey all. I currently use Tasks to manage my to do lists. However I'm not a huge fan of the interface. I would really like something that matches Google's theme of apps with the sidebar and minimalist fonts and such. However I don't want to sacrifice function for form. I need to have Google tasks integration (why I don't use todoist) and ABSOLUTELY need to be able to manage sub tasks, preferably at least two levels of indentation. This is why I don't use any.do

    Thanks for any help that can be offered!

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    Default Re: Task/To-do List App with Google Sidebar Theme

    Have you tried Wunderlist?
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    Default Re: Task/To-do List App with Google Sidebar Theme

    Umm, Tasks has indenting. Not sure exactly what you're looking fo.
    Personally I like the full-screen "canvas" view of Google Tasks a lot better than the one that pops up from gmail
    Has a task list on the side and a few more features readily accessible.
    I'm not sure about the theme you mention.
    I have that address pinned to my pc taskbar. (in chrome: Tools / Create Application Shortcut
    Of course I also use an Android App to access / modify Tasks - Gtasks works fantastically for me
    The syncing accross devices is pretty darned quick and reliable. I also use it whenever I want to sent a short snippet or web address between pc and phone.
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    Default Re: Task/To-do List App with Google Sidebar Theme

    Google Keep?

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