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    Default [Free] Floras

    You've been transported to the world of Floras. By noble decree, you are tasked to build a floral kingdom on a magical hexagonal land where colorful flowers blossom all seasons and the sky rains potpourris day and night.

    6 is a sacred number in Floras. Slide your finger in one of 6 directions to place a new color tile on a hexagonal grid (6 again!). Adjoining tiles of the same color fuse to become a higher level tile. A level-36 tile turns into a floral castle, which can no longer be fused further. Create as many floral castles as possible on the hexagonal grid until you run out of space or time. The more floral castles you make, the higher you score, and the more beautiful your floral kingdom becomes!

    As you progress to higher levels, powerups appear to aid you in your kingdom building. An hourglass powerup help you reset the clock. A bomb powerup help you clear away single tile, preventing you from gettin stuck. There are more ... but you'll just have to discover them yourself!

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    Default Re: [Free] Floras

    - fixed a bug that prevents high scores from being sent to leaderboards.
    - disabled tile placement when the grid is being covered by the tutorial.
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    Default Re: [Free] Floras

    - Fixed game progress being reset on game restart.
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    Default Re: [Free] Floras

    - Doubled the resolution to 1920x1080. Now Floras looks even more stunning on new generation devices.
    - Halves the time of all transition effects. Now Floras plays faster.

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