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    Default Glitchy Netflix app - plays in fast motion

    So I just switched to a new device, an off brand phone called a Social Drive (I needed a dual sim). Running Jelly Bean. However, the Netflix app is perpetually glitchy when attempting to stream; when I try any title, the video plays in super fast motion, then freeze frames, then goes blank, while the audio plays as normal. (I can LISTEN to a streaming title just fine.) My old device, a Blu Quattro running ICS, ran the Netflix app normally. I've tried turning the phone on and off, clearing the data, and reinstalling the app, and none of that worked. I couldn't find any other troubleshooting options as no one else seems to have this exact problem (most people deal with lag, not weird fast motion video).

    Any ideas? I realize the fact that it's a Chinese knockoff may play a part. The issue just seems super weird and I've never heard of it happening. Should I just hope the bug resolves itself with the next update, give up on Netflix on the phone (which would be a shame because I like watching Bob's Burgers before bed), or do I have any other options?

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