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    Lightbulb [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    Speaking full screen notifications for driving + Moto-X "What's up?" style summary
    now with Reply by Voice capability

    See it on Google Play:

    It's not strictly new, it's been downloaded by 3000+ people. What's new is version 2.0, which has just been released today. It has received a lot of polish and addition, so it is ready for prime time.

    [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications-icon144.png
    Touchless Notifications:
    • can read out your notifications and optionally show them full screen
    • lets you respond to them by voice

    Notification read-out:
    • can happen immediately as the notifications appear
    • or in a summary type of presentation of all active notifications

    [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications-summary-readout-500.png
    The summary read-out can start "without touching":
    • when you connect something (bluetooth, headset, charging etc)
    • using certain voice commands in Google Now

    Special features:
    • You can use two languages for the read-outs, the app can identify which voice to use
    • Control the settings from Tasker by intents
    • Great out of the box, but it can be fine tuned with a plethora of settings
    • Start by voice using S for Switch Voice Pro (my other app for Samsungs)
    • Built in extensive user's guide and a Tour Wizard for first time users
    • Developer thread at XDA
    • Beta tester community on Google+

    [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications-3pages.png
    [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications-touchless-notifications-applications-small-.jpg
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    Default Re: [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    Thanks for the link! This looks very promising ...
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    Default Re: [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    :-) I didn't have enough posts to add links before. I answered a few questions and now I was able to add the links too.
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    Default Re: [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    New service release with mainly small bug fixes, updated in the Google Play Store:

    What's new
    • broadcast intent is sent when woken from sleep (receive with Tasker IntentReceive event (action="hu.viczian.notifications.woke")
    • added "Your device" to blacklist by default
    • Facebook messenger and whatsapp added to default list of messaging apps
    • detect bluetooth headset and power connection on initial app run (or after reboot) → will even start summary
    • wave to mute when on charger (regardless of device position)
    • other smaller bug fixes

    [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications-animated.gif
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    Default Re: [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    I am contacting you today to tell you about a possible bug. When ever you are in a message window and you tap on the mic icon to do a voice text it announces a message about Google. And as a result it picks up the voice and will put that in the message you are composing. Every time you use the voice to text feature in a meager it announces
    Is there a way to turn off this when you are messaging? It is very annoying. It only does this when you tap on the mic icon and try to speak.
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    Default Re: [APP][FREE|PRO][4.3+] Touchless Notifications

    Hello Andy, it must be very frustrating. But I think the solution is quite easy, just go to the black list in Touchless Notifications, and mark "Your device".*

    I should probably do that by default. Thanks for reporting this issue.

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