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    Exclamation AppBrain keeps listing I need to update Apps that were already updated

    Most of the time when I "Sync with AppBrain" from my EVO, I get a list of apps that need to be updated. The problem though is that I had previously updated these apps a day or more ago. Handcent is one along with MeteorStorm to just name a couple.

    Is there something going on that I can change in settings since for whatever reason AppBrain is not realizing that I already updated the apps.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    I have had that isuue for weeks. Tired of it, I decided this morning to re-install appbrain. Was a mess at first because appbrain sent back all app I had deleted recently, but after cleaning everything, I think it is working fine now.
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    I had that happen recently and had to reinstall AppBrain as well. The annoying thing that's happening to me lately is that it isn't showing some apps that have updates available. I don't find out about them until I follow a link to the Market and get a Market notification that there are updates available.
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    I've had similar problems with AppBrain missing the occasional update, and I've taken to using both AppBrain and aTrackDog as a defense.
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    I have stopped using Appbrain because of it. It seemed like the only nifty feature that I would want to use it over the market for... and then it stopped working.

    I understand that Appbrain filled a gap when the market was young... what am I missing about Appbrain in the current era though? Not trying to pick a fight, I just don't see the "hook".
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    Mine also isn't always telling me when I need to update. I'll try the reinstall though.

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