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    Default why use google voice?

    I was wondering what exactly does google voice be suited for. For example for me i guess i would use it to text via the computer instead of using my phone at times. But why would anyone use it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcbbanga4l View Post
    I was wondering what exactly does google voice be suited for. For example for me i guess i would use it to text via the computer instead of using my phone at times. But why would anyone use it?
    Cheap international calls.

    Smart call forwarding.

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    I use it as my main phone number... have had a GV number since the GrandCentral days.

    Way back when, on BB, we figured out how to make free calls with the use of a friends/family/Fav type plan and a simple call back app. It was very useful.

    Now, only two or three people have my real number. Everyone else has my GV number, so it gives me privacy and free calls.
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    I use it as my main number (not having to give out my cell phone number).

    I have GV set up to only send calls to my phone during certain hours. That way, I don't get calls in the middle of the night from friends or others. People who need to get a hold of me (like for an emergency) have my actual cell number.

    Voicemail transcription. Sure, it isn't always accurate, and the ones that are off are usually quite entertaining, but I can usually figure out the message without having to listen (and can listen as needed).

    Voicemail messages are kept for as long as you want. Voicemail through my carrier deleted after 10 days, so I can't keep important voicemail messages without GV.

    I'll load up Gmail while on my laptop. GV calls can be directed to my laptop instead of my phone. If I am out of town, calls can still get to me without international charges (when out of the country). As long as I have wifi access, I have a local US number.

    I have a blocked call list on GV. Those numbers don't get forwarded to my cell number. I don't need health insurance, buy/sell a timeshare, and so on, so I can add telemarketers to the blocked list and never get bothered by those calls.

    So, there are lots of things that make GV a good option.
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    Not to mention awesome voicemail transcriptions. Those things are awesome.
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    I run a Ghost Hunting group and use it for the main line for that..
    Allows me to not give out my real number to clients.. but allows them to be able to contact me..
    Plus I can have it ring other phones of my team.
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    I use it so I always have records of voicemails and access to them on my computer for free. Plus the voicemail customization options available are amazing. You can set specific voicemail greetings for groups of contacts so when your friends call you can make a less formal one but a formal one just in case of business or family calls.

    Also the texting from the computer is fast and great for when I'm on my computer and don't feel like using my phone.
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    It makes voicemail a cinch. I hate listening to long VM's. I can scan the transcript then delete without having to wait for the VM to finish.
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    Not to mention when people call you they don't get that long winded recorded message sucking up their minutes.
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    I have a phone number which is not local to my area, so I use GV as a local number, should I need it.

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