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    Default Task Killer

    I just got the Inspire 4G and was wondering about a Task Killer. What task killers are people using, are there ones I should stay away from?
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    Don't use one at all. Android doesn't need it, and it will actually hurt performance and battery life if you use one. Its true!
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    Stay away from all of them..they're not needed. They're more of a drain on the cpu...Android is Linux based and will close down programs as needed.
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    This link should explain why you shouldn't be using TASK KILLER.
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    And yet I use one (Systempanel) with much better results (smoother operation, better battery life) than without. How about you try it out and see what works for you? YMMV.

    OMG NO! Not a task killer! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! It's really not the end of the world, you know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrbib21 View Post
    And yet I use one (Systempanel) with much better results (smoother operation, better battery life) than without.
    Then your actual problem is a faulty app that you need to address.
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    Task killers are not needed but again needed for poorly coded apps that do not close all the way when hitting escape key.

    But your better off just letting it run and once you phone starts to lag, just do a reboot.

    It's kinda like your Windows computer, when some apps don't close all the way and are in the Task Manager, you don't go and kill it, so why do it to your device. Yes Task manager is there but you rarely use it and when your computer starts to run slow, what do you do? reboot.
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