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    Default Swannview configs on Android platform

    Good morning everyone,
    I have just set up a Swann security system and everything works fine except Smartphone connectivity. I downloaded the App called Swannview (current release) and it won't talk. Swann's instructions are sparse but clear. I have a pretty strong IT background so the obvious things are as they should be such as NAT redirects and correct IP configs. My question is: Has anyone had any luck with remote connectivity using Swann and Swannview? Additionally, I CAN get the Swann box to talk remotely to a PC via the Internet, just not an Android phone, so I believe the Swann box is talking to the Internet in general. My phone is an Droid 2. Tech support with Swann is of course as expected non-existent, so anyone here have any thoughts about this? I would like to hear about anyone's experience with Swann's multi cam security systems. Thanks in advance,
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    Default SwannView

    I figured out that you need to have the mobile port open on your firewall. When in device settings on the DVR go to Mobile. The default service port for Mobile is 18004 and needs to be set accordingly in SwannView.
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    I've tried opening the mobile, media, and web ports to the Net, and still nada. It also seems like anytime I try to connect via my HC tablet, I lose connection via NetViewer on my notebook. I'm thinking it's got to be a network setting, or a DVR setting, as neither SwannView or IP Cam Viewer can show the pics, even though Swannview said it was connected to the server.
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    Once I got it to work on my local network, getting it to work through the firewall was pretty easy.

    1) make sure you follow the instructions for DDNS setup so that you can use a name rather than an unroutable IP.I used the swanndvr site as per the directions.
    2) You need to open up the port on your home network firewall. Swann directions talk about a mobile port and that wasn't even an option on my DVR. I allowed inbound traffic on the IP port and mapped it to the device port using my Uverse home gateway device. I don't think I had to do it this way. My device said the TCP port was 85 and the local port was 8000. I poked a hole in the firewall at 85 thinking it would connect through. It did not. I had my firewall screen open anyway, so instead of changing client config & firewall, I just mapped 85 through to 8000.
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    Thumbs down Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    But is always say server unavailable on my android phone. I can easy view on PC or laptop , but smart phone is "server unavailable" what could i do ?
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    Red face Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    I downloaded the Swann view Pro version from the andriod playstore and it worked like a charm.
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    My app runs smoothly until all my configurations get lost some how. I have to go to mydvr program on the computer and log back in to get my app to re-connect with the server. I have all ports open and I have even a host set up but the problem is not with the app it is with the dvr. I have called customer service twice and they even set the mydvr program to an older version and I still have problems. The ****y thing here is I have an android phone and can't access mydvr through internet exployer unless I use a computer. The whole point to the app is to access cameras through my phone.
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    hi being reading most of the stuff on remote viewing for swannview paid a lot of money for my system does its job on cameras but android forget it have spent hour after hour tying to get it to work it was one of the reasons I bought it for even bought a Samsung tab 2 just for this to see outside of uk I feel I was conned with all the hype on this product maybe I am wrong but I have tried everything and am ready to get rid of it p>>>ed off
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    I installed swannview pro on my Android, but I can't seem to find the right application to download on my windows 7 laptop. Help Please!!!!!
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    Hi,,To my experience the swann program will only play on certain smart phones for example it plays fine on my LG Lucid,But it will not play on my galaxy s4.On my galaxy s4 shows successful connection but it will not show live video,At the same time i can view my stand alone PTZ camera on my galaxy s4 just fine,But not the swann DVR.I think that it has to do with flash player being installed on your phone or not.
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    Default Re: Swannview configs on Android platform

    I was able to get local view and remote view via an iphone5, but I was only able to get local view and NOT remote view via a Droid RAZr. anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, ideas on why this might be or which mobile app is fully compatible with Droid Razr M?

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