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View Poll Results: Do you use the market on the Desktop Browser?

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  • Yes, all the time!

    5 29.41%
  • I use it when I can

    2 11.76%
  • only if my phone isn't working.

    1 5.88%
  • Haven't even tried it, stick with my phone

    9 52.94%
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    Default (POLL) Do you use the browser version of the Market?

    I never find myself using the Android Market on the desktop browser I always just tend to pick up my phone and do it from there. Just want to know what you guys do?
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    I use the market from both my desktop browser and from my phone. Just depends on what is convenient at the moment.
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    I just use my phone, no sense in doing things the hard way lol
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    i would use it more, but auto-install doesnt work too well when youre running a custom rom
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    I prefer Appbrain
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    Its okay, a good concept but I usually find it quicker doing it straight from my device.
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    90% of the timei do out on the phone. I have use the desktop market and it work quite well
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    I use the desktop version when I'm trying to reference an application on the forum. Otherwise, it's managing through the phone application.
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    I use it quite often now that it's a lot more functional than it was a mere couple months ago.

    If I'm searching for a specific type of app, it's much faster and easier to search, locate, and decide, from the desktop. Find what I'm looking for, clicky install, and done.

    I also find it very handy and convenient when I read a review on an app that looks interesting and there's a market link in the review. Just click the link, select install, done. No need to grab the phone and go looking for the app.

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