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    Default Contact mass SMS / Text messaging app / Contact sorting / Add country code app. Any out there?

    So I have 3 questions...

    1. I moved from blackberry and google contacts did not add the + sign to about 3000 of my 8500 contacts. I tried editing this in excel but excel does not allow + signs since it views them as a formula. Any idea how to do this in excel or if there is an app?

    2. I downloaded mighty text and it does not allow me to mass message contacts. For example on my blackberry:

    2a. I create a group of 100-300 people
    2b. I message those contacts and they all get a message uniquely from me. Typically it sends it out in blocks of 10.
    2c. I reply

    Are there any apps that do this? I have groups in my google contacts but to open a contact on my phone (8500 contacts+) takes 5 seconds, another 5 seconds to click edit then another 5 seconds before it closes. There has to be any an easier way....

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