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    Default is there a motorola spy at htc??

    I don't know about u but when I hear Sprint and HTC working closely on a phone and Motorola releases something almost exactly similar and on the same month.... well that's just damn creepy
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    Corporate spies are not uncommon, but the basic layout has been known for quite sometime with the EVO. Also, with highly publicized & competitive consumer goods it is impossible to keep things under wraps. Stupid college coop/intern students love to leak things. This is why the Corporation I work for STRICTLY enforces no Camera phones in the Development Lab. Even opening the door for a guest or improper security clearance can get ya terminated on the spot.

    I'd have to admit, the droid x looks similar, but who knows who copied who or if they even really did copy. It is not too hard to convince a supplier or oem to disclose design aspects of similar in house "projects" they are working on. If you call a supplier & ask for assistance on your own design, manufacturing, etc. they will guarenteed reference a design they are working on for someone else because that's what they know how to implenent. Usually they will even say something like this if you are close enough with them, "We have done similar applications in the past & it seams to be working for our client. We'll email you the basic layout & schematics. Look it over & let me know if this could work for your particular application." In many cases where this has happened for me, the OEM DEFINITELY disregarded the NDA, but they would never admit it by saying they gave general "Best Practices" assistance to a client & I sure as heck would never admit we received potentially proprietary concepts.

    The last corporation I worked at. I would call competitors & act like a customer. After several calls just casually speaking about pretend "issues" I was having with their products to the same tech, they would feel comfortable enough to disclose a few details of what's in their product pipeline after a little manipulation.
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