Most of these photos were taken in south Brooklyn. Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay to be exact. A few pics were taken in south-east Midwood. They were taken with my Galaxy Nexus - rooted, running AOKP JB Build 3, using stock camera app. I know New Jersey and Long Island were hit the hardest in our tristate area, but I thought I'd share the pics of the damage we've received anyway.

Link to the Dropbox album:
There are 127 pics in total in that album.

Few shots below:

Brighton Beach looks dirtier than usual

Downed tree between Sheepshead Bay & Brighton Beach

Corner grocery across the Sheepshead Bay canal. Looks like somebody might have looted the place as well.

Handball courts right next to the boardwalk in Coney Island

Chinese buffet in Sheepshead Bay, right next to the canal

That's not a landfill, it's a huge pile of garbage and debris in the Sheepshead Bay canal.

And those pretty colors on water are not from a dirty camera lense. That's oil and gasoline from the sunken boats in the canal.

This area had a grass lawn and there was a walkway through it. Now it's covered in about 5 feet of sand.

Stalled and abandoned SUV between Sheepshead Bay & Brighton Beach

Washed off cars on Ocean Parkway, near Brighton Beach.

This BMW ended up on the bench on Ocean Parkway. Surprisingly, there was no noticeable body damage anywhere around the car.