Hey Guys I didn't know where to post this so I figured The Android Lounge Was Most Acceptable, Anyways Im posting this because of a Post +ScottyBrown over on Google+ made Regarding One of the Cyanogenmod Developers and a Recent Diagnoses of Necrotizing Fasciitis aka "Flesh Eating Disease" and Much like Scotty Brown I truely Believe in the Android Community Ranging From: Android Central, Rootzwiki, Xda, and Cyanogenmod ; and Believe This Community can Come together During hard time and Save The Day, So I post Here the Link to The Indiego-go page and ask of all who read this to Read whats posted there and if you see it fit and Possible to lend a Hand with either A Donation or Your Voice!

Thanks for Reading this Far, and all who lend a Helping Hand