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    Default Secure browsing

    We all like to browse the internet but not all sites are safe. Some may look safe but some anti-virus software prevents us from accidentally entering. That's what I want. There are some anti-virus that provide safe browsing but my app only provides in the subscribed version.

    Are there any apps that provide that free?
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    Default Re: Secure browsing

    I think that's called something else, like webfiltering or antiphishing, Google Chrome should have this feature but I don't see the option in their Android app version right now. There are probably apps for that, I know AVG love to take over people's browser and record their habit while claiming security. I haven't used it, but you might want to take a look at as well, a very well respected security brand.

    I personally use adblocks (though it needs root), and OpenDNS, which I have been using for a long time. You can set your wifi's DNS to OpenDNS addresses, or you can use their address. Unfortunately without root you can only set DNS for WiFi, not carrier data.

    But you should look at Firefox, it have lots of good extensions like Adblock and Ghostery, while is seen as antitracking it does prevent harmful website as well.
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