There is a lot of good points here. One was basically something to the tune of all electronics have bugs. Admissibly this is true, the new JB is pretty solid for me, and so is ios 6.1.3. I don't like 7...
I am an ios guy who is still trying to convince myself android is legit. I was IOS when the g1 came out and it was to be the iphone killer. I took that pos back and never got a droid again. My dad got the s2 when it came out two years ago and I got the 4s then too. I love the screen, and wish my iphone had it, but that is where the love affair ends. The battery life on droid sux! Droid does remind me of the old IOS days when it was jailbreak and tweek tweek Which is fun, but I've come to love the "it just works feature" and the great battery life I get. I don't know if its how yall treat your devices, but my old 4s gets 6 hours of heavy usage and will stay in stand by for more than a day with 3 hr use per day. Thats pretty good. My th989 4.1.3 can't do 1/3 of that. Also I like the iphone alarm sound. That is how I ended up on this thred by accident searching for something else.

Back on point buggy...Yes the droid is harder to control it has more settings that are often pointless. I also can't stand the way it copies for copy and paste. I also wish it would read to me like my 6.1.3 device will.
Droid also uses WAY more data than my "other device" again I find thi sbuggy cuz the other guy seems to push me my emails better. On the droid it is always going off or never. THis is artially a me controling it issue and I know that, but the other is easier for me. This is def a noob issue. I also think the touch response is not as nice as "the other guy" either. Again I still can't wait to get my hands on a note 2 or 3 for a week but Im still not too hopeful it will be better, in fact I think it will be too big. I like a phone I can use with one hand and "slip" in my pocket.

Ok I babbled and ranted! I love Jelly bean non the less and really like the native calendar app and the fact that I can do things down to the minute unlike the other guys. I also like alarm called "briefing" it is nifty. I will play with it more and wish my iphone did it!