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View Poll Results: Do you file your own taxes?

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  • NO: I use a professional.

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  • YES: I use a tax software.

    2 66.67%
  • Who pays taxes anymore?

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    Default Do you file your own taxes?

    My wife and I usually use a professional, but I am thinking about trying one of those tax softwares this year? Do you guys do your own taxes?
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    Default Re: Do you file your own taxes?

    Have used Taxact for many years.
    Good help system.
    Can use Q&A and/or enter forms manually.
    Free for one return per year.
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    Default Re: Do you file your own taxes?

    Nope. We own our own business, better to have an expert do them.

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    Default Re: Do you file your own taxes?

    I do my own with Turbo Tax (my credit union gives me an online special and helps automate some things) but I don't suggest it if you itemize unless you know exactly what you're doing... Which is tough because even the IRS doesn't seem to know what to do. Then again, there was s study a while back where something like 40-50 professional tax preparers were all given the exact same financial setting and asked to prepare the federal taxes. No two returns came out the same, and not sure if any of them were actually correct. And when you call the IRS for help, I think their record is around a 20% chance of getting the correct answer. It's been a while since I heard about those two studies and running off memory, so my numbers may be off but the results were dismal regardless.

    Down with the IRS, Fair Tax now. Then we wouldn't have to deal with all those hassles.

    Edit: For those using professionals, keep in mind if they make a mistake and you get in trouble, you're still the one on the hook as far as the IRS is concerned. When you sign off on your taxes, you're signing that you affirm everything is true and correct (*chokes back a laugh*), and it doesn't say anything about your preparer accepting or being assigned fault for mistakes.
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    Default Re: Do you file your own taxes?

    Firms I would recommend. Tax laws change yearly and their up to date. Sure they can cost a bit sometimes however they know all the loop holes. It can kinda depend on your size of business too - if your not claiming much it might be cheaper to do it yourself as the added gains for an accountant might not be much... Time is money though

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    Default Re: Do you file your own taxes?

    I've done our taxes, first by hand, then via Taxact for the past 40+ years, even when we had a business. We went to a tax preparer once and he came up with the same numbers but charged $100.

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