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    Default [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    My version of sudoku, which is, in my opinion, more comfortable than other sudoku games avaliable in Android Market

    Android Market link:

    Free Sudoku app for android.

    - Solver function - quick solves any puzzle
    - Totally free
    - Comfortable and easy in use
    Just select difficulty level and play
    - Two input modes
    * Cell first - more natural, choose cell and enter a number
    * Number first - much faster, select number and then fill cells
    - 5 difficulty levels
    You can be beginner or advanced - there's always something for you
    - Undo and Redo
    - Autosave
    You can resume your game later, if you need a break
    - Hints
    Need little help? No problem
    - Statistics
    You can check your times and improve them
    - Themes
    If you don't like default look, you can change it

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    Nice...I'm a master at these and just finished my book of these puzzles looks like I may give this a try soon

    sent accidently from my Gangsta rooted Esteem
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Send me a message, if you have any suggestions.
    And rate it in AM, if you like it. I will be grateful
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Version 1.0.2 avaliable

    Supported languages: English(default), Polish, French, Spanish, German (if you find errors in translation, send me a message)

    Little code changes, fixed several bugs, improved dpad control
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Will give this a go Love Sudoku I'll report back if i find any bugs
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Nice game I really like mind games I've already try to play this game only at the news paper and it is fun.
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Version 1.2 now avaliable!

    - Added "Extreme" difficulty level. Requires advanced solving techniques, like x-wing or swordfish
    - Supported languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
    - Improved engine
    - Reduced size
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    Try SUJIRO


    It combines colors, shapes and Sudoku-like challenge. Very stimulating and catchy.
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    Default Re: [FREE GAME] Sudoku

    I do wish there were instructions, especially for hexagonal puzzles. Overall this is definitely a nice twist to sudoku!

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