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    Default On-Road Rampage [Game]

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    On-Road Rampage

    A never ending journey to defeat evil!

    • Never ending game!
    • Randomly generated levels
    • Lots of enemies to defeat
    • Five different environments with-in the one level
    • Five powerful bosses to defeat
    • Five vehicles to unlock and upgrade
    • Earn points by destroying enemies
    • Spend those point on upgrades to destroy more enemies
    • Unlock the Bonus Mode
    • Keeps track of your scores so you can compete against others on your device and online!

    On-Road Rampage is a scrolling shooter that never ends. The level generates itself as you move through it, so no two games are the same. The end of each level is marked with a battle against a powerful enemy. With each boss you defeat you unlock a new and more powerful vehicle to run down your foes.

    Controls are either touch or motion. These can be toggled in the options menu.
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    Default Re: On-Road Rampage [Game]

    I added a free version here:

    Qr code:

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