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    Default Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android

    If you think minesweeper is dead... THINK AGAIN.

    Twistor Minesweeper 3D


    Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android-image12.png

    Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android-img3.png

    Feedback is appreciated

    Thank you for checking this post
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    Default Re: Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android

    I came across this game in the app store a few weeks ago. Very interesting game! What are you using for your 3D engine? I wanted to get into 3D dev, but I haven't figured out where to begin.
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    Default Re: Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android

    We are using OpenGL ES 2.0 for our 3D rendering. If someone out there is deciding which opengl version to use (1.0 vs 2.0) our suggestion is to go with 2.0. Harder learning curve, but more flexible in the effects you are trying to achieve.
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    Default Re: Twistor Minesweeper 3D for Android

    first of all, thank you for taking your time to check us out.

    And for those of you wanting to know more, check our latest video...

    please, download the game and give us honest feedback.

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