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    Cool [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter

    Protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats in dFenz AE, a retro arcade space shooter.
    - Battle asteroids, space junk, alien invaders, and massive bosses
    - Activate a variety of unique weapons
    - Test your skills in 9 different levels under 3 different difficulty settings

    FREE to play. No in-app purchases.
    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ndgames.dfenz2

    [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter-dfenz-image-1.jpg

    [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter-dfenz-image-2.jpg

    [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter-dfenz-image-3.jpg
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    Default Re: [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Default Re: [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter

    Nice graphical assets.

    There is something that I would like to report though, when your ship reaches the "edge", it doesn't move all the way to the edge. As the consequence of this, some hazards on the side-most of the screen cannot be shot down. I found it weird as I tried it several more times and I found it that I can actually move to the most edge of the screen only if i tap left/right several more times. It seems that it got stuck for a bit before it reaches the outer most edge of the screen. Could you verify it?
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    Default Re: [FREE] dFenz AE - retro arcade space shooter

    Verogames FdR - Thanks! We've heard of this issue before and have attempted to fix it, but unfortunately we can't reproduce it on any of our devices. We'll definitely take another stab at it in a future update. Thanks for playing and letting us know!

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