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    Default MAC Addres Blocked

    Is there an app like I can install to my root htc android phone so that I can be unblocked from accessing the router? I think our network admin blocked my phones IP address to prevent me from spoofing the network. Thanks
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    Default Re: MAC Addres Blocked

    There are, but wouldn't handing in your resignation make more sense than spending time in the Striped Sunlight Hotel (otherwise known as the federal pen)? Unauthorized access to a computer is a federal felony. Hacking around a block falls under FISA, and you could be tried as a terrorist. (I believe the prize for that is a lifetime vacation on the south coast of Cuba.)

    The feds don't consider things like this to be a joke any more. If anyone in the company is looking for an excuse to get rid of you, you couldn't hand them a better one. (Or an easier one - one phone call to the local US Attorney's office is all it would take to make you an ex-employee.)
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    Default Re: MAC Addres Blocked

    thank you that was really helpful

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