I have a no name brand tablet that is running 2.3.5 but it does NOT have the microphone that I LOVE to use in Android. I cannot see how to add that feature. I went to a Google website that had "Voice Actions" but when I tried to get it it said not supported on your device even though the website said I need 2.2 Froyo or higher. I have 2.3.5 so I assume it could work. Is there an older version or something out there? I cannot upgrade this OS since this tablet is part of a car stereo and it would likely ruin the connection between the two. Besides this issue I cannot see any difference using this tablet vs. any other decent cheap one. So far I have gotten flash installed and been running Pandora, etc. I just REALLY want voice for text entry since I use this in my car.

Anyone know a workaround to add voice action searches or whatever that microphone is suppossed to be called?