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    Default Htc one m7 won't turn on

    Hi I'm in really desperate need for help. Last night my htc died and I plugged it in and as it was charging a bootloader menu came up (I've must've pressed some buttons on accident) it gave me some options like fast boot and factory reset and power down well I chose power down thinking I can turn it back on but it completely shut down when I try to charge it there's no red led light or any sign that it is still alive I really need help turning it back on I've tried almost everything but nothing seems to work what do you guys think ?
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 won't turn on

    Welcome to Android Central! What happens when you press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds?
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 won't turn on

    I haven't a clue where AC Question disappeared to. But I'm having the same problem. Only difference is I never got a bootloader screen. My phone got really, really warm today. I would even say hot. I just assumed it was because I was walking around in the sun with it in my pocket. Next thing I know, my battery is plumetting. Going from 30% to dead in about 5 minutes. Wifi and Mobile Data were off and the screen was asleep. I figured "hey dead phone is dead phone. Just gotta get it on the charger." When I go to plug it in, it refuses to charge. No flashing red LED to show a charge. I've tried holding down the power button, power + vol down, power + vol up, and power + vol up + vol down for over five minutes each time and nothing happened. I even tried this little trick of how to reset the battery I've read on multiple other forums about holding down all the buttons/power + vol down (I did both) while shining a bright light into the sensor. I held it in front of a desk lamp. Still nothing. I haven't flashed any new roms, themes or gapp zips in well over a week. I do know I didn't disable fastboot. I just found out it causes this issue today. Any ideas on how I can get my phone back on?

    I was thinking about trying to acquire a wall adapter that has a 2 amp output as opposed to mine which is 1 amp to sort of jump start it. Wait until it gets to about 15%, then put it back on the charger it came with.
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 won't turn on

    I have this same problem as TheHighestFive and would love to see a response from an android / HTC one guru.

    Incidentally, this use of light on the proximity sensor while pushing the power button (with or without the volume down button) doesn't work for my problem.
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