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    Default front facing camera blurry

    Hi i had a crack screen on my phone and i got it repaired but the front facing camera used to be normal and now its kind of cloudy/blurry and is it because of that the screen was repaired or is there a different reason why?
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    Default Re: front facing camera blurry

    Welcome to Android Central! Look carefully at the front-facing camera--do you see any condensation on the inside of the glass? If the seal was broken due to the crack, it's possible that some moisture got in and is now causing condensation to form. If you do see some, you might consider the old Ziploc bag with uncooked rice trick (or even better, use some of those desiccant packets that come with so many products). Put the phone in the bag with the desiccant for 24 hrs, seal it, and maybe that excess moisture will be absorbed.

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