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    Default 'No Sim inserted' error Samsung SGH i717 Unlocked & Rooted

    So, I have been doing research for WEEKS regarding this problem. The only thing that I have been able to conclude from the hours spent reading online, is that this is a very common problem, and I can't seem to find one solution. This has left me very frustrated, so I have decided to create yet another thread regarding this topic.

    I have a Samsung SGH i717 from AT&T. The phone is unlocked, I purchased it on ebay. First, the charging port went, so I replaced that successfully. Then, while I was in Jamaica, I used a digicel sim card for the week I was there. The phone worked fine, but about three days before I returned home, I kept getting the 'Insert Sim' message. I would move the sim card around and push down on it to get a better connection, and that seemed to work....for about two weeks. It stopped working completely. I then:

    1- Put the sim card in another phone to see if it was the card, the sim card worked in another phone.
    2-Put a different sim card, that I knew worked, in the phone and it didn't read the card.
    3- Did a factory reset and wiped the phone clean.
    4- Replaced the sim card tray, three times. that didn't work. I'm thinking about replacing the antenna.
    5- Updated the phone to the latest version of JellyBean using Samsung Kies
    6- Rooted the phone and am using Cynogen9

    If anyone has any other suggestion, Please, I am begging you, let me know!

    Thank you!!!

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