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    Exclamation Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    I have a problem with my keyboard on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. Phone is non-rooted, non-modded. Android version: 4.0.4

    Keyboard works fine, but when I try to use it in some apps, those applications crash (YouTube stoped working; unfortunately browser stopped working etc.). So.. apps run fine, until no keyboard call is made.

    Apps where keyboard doesn't work:
    -Facebook when sending messages and using search
    -Facebook messenger app
    -Browser when google searching (also other search engines)
    -YouTube when searching
    -Gmail (default email app works)
    -Google Keep and also Evernote
    -Twitter when tweeting and searching

    Apps work fine but as soon as I try to bring up the keyboard, that app stops.

    Apps where keyboard works fine:
    -Google search on Mozilla browser works
    -sending SMS
    -Facebook when updating status
    -Google Quickoffice

    What have I already done:
    -Instaling other keyboards
    -Deleting and clearing data/ adjusting keyboard settings
    -Reseting phone (3x) with 'Automatic Restore' checked and unchecked, powering off, removing battery
    -full factory data reset: deleting everything and starting fresh
    -clearing clipboard
    -Software update, System update
    -I also ran Xperia Diagnostics (useless tool btw)
    -virus scan (Avast)-> everything is OK.
    -I spent 10 days searching web, trying to find a solution
    -I also installed older versions of these applications (apk-s)

    I think that I did everything possible and still no solution...

    Please HELP! Anything!!
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? There might be some app you keep on reinstalling that is causing this instability, so it might still surface even after a hard reset, since the app might reinstall automatically.
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    Default Re: Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    thx for the reply.
    It just occurred to me that two months ago.. I was updating youtube application and my phone reminded me that google play services should also be updated in order to access the updated youtube.

    When I tried to update google play services, a pop-up window came up saying that my phone is not supported or sth, but I was still able to proceed and I updated google play services as well.

    Is "google play services" app in any way connected to the keyboard? I tried downgrading google play services but the problem is still here.
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    Default Re: Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    Google Play Services covers a lot of Google-related functions ( https://developer.android.com/google...ces/index.html), but I doubt it caused any problems with the keyboard. Have you tried Safe Mode?

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    Default Re: Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    Yes I did try to run it in safe mode, but keyboard is still not working. :/
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    Default Re: Bringing up keyboard crashes apps SONY XPERIA (A 4.0.4)

    It sounds like a fundamental problem with the firmware, unfortunately. Try talking to Sony support.

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