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    Default Droid Razr M problems

    Alright, so I am using a Stood Race M as the title explains and I want to completely refresh my system rig default everything. Default boot anim., status bar, navbar, everything. I rooted my phone and have hanged the boot animation and My navbar and status bar. I want to get KitKat but it says the software update has failed like halfway through the install. I feel as though this is the problem. I have pretty much zero knowledge on flashing and **** so I need help. I tried using the program, "RSD lite" because I googled this problem but that did nothing because, again, it failed. Another thing, every time I boot my phone, I have to hold down volume up, down, and the power button to boot it. If I don't, it opens the page that opened when the RSD program failed.

    I need help guys. This is my first post so sorry pig this I'd n the wrong section of the forum. Thanks in advance.

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