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    Default Help anything to get my lg optimus l9 p769 working

    My phone is an Lg p769 T-mobile(Bricked)V20H
    All i did with this phone is rooted it, to get root access to moving files.
    I have a Locked Boot loader.
    I Accidentally installed chain fire 3d without knowing its not compatible with JellyBean.

    So my problem is I'm stuck in boot loop.
    when i turn it on its stuck on Lg logo. (No Security Error)
    I am able to get into S/w upgrade mode but not Recovery mode.
    My PC (Windows 7 Professional) won't detect my phone when in its in S/w upgrade mode. But it shows as LG modem
    Device driver software shows my phone when connected as s/w upgrade mode as Unidentified Device - Unplugged
    I installed the my phone driver from the Lg websites even the latest drivers 3.8
    But still its not connected
    I tried following guides to offline Flashing with lg mobile support tool to flash stock rom to my phone. but still my phone won't get detected
    getting stuck on 15% when upgrading.
    Adb also dosent detect my phone

    all i need is to get anything to get my phone working even if i have to wipe everything.
    i provided images to see what I'm getting when my phone is in s/w upgrade mode and connected to my pc
    Sorry I'm for my bad english
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    Default Re: Help anything to get my lg optimus l9 p769 working

    Have you tried the following from powered down (phone off)?

    Hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for 8 seconds until the phone wakes up. That should do a factory reset and allow the phone to boot. You would loose all your data...

    Also there is an LG Mobile Support Tool that may help:
    LG Optimus L9 P760 hard reset
    LG Electronics: T-Mobile Device Update Instructions | LG USA
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    Default Re: Help anything to get my lg optimus l9 p769 working

    it dosent work it just reboot back to the lg logo (boot loop)
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    Default Re: Help anything to get my lg optimus l9 p769 working

    if the user that created this post is still wondering you will need software upgrade mode but you will also need the modified version of LG's utility i made a mistake once modifying a file in my rooted phone so it would show the LG logo then go to a black screen i put it into S/W upgrade mode by removing the battery and when the program prompted put the battery back in after that my L9 was back to a unmodified v20h (no root or file tampering)
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    Default Re: Help anything to get my lg optimus l9 p769 working

    my phone is lg p769 his wifi and bluetooth are not work so please inform me what kind of problem in my phone like hardware or software

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