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    Default broke gs4 no power

    ok so i broke my s4 after dropping it at work, the screen is broken of course whatever
    but another problem is it wont turn on at all i charged it and it wont charge inspected the
    battery it was broken like there was a dent in it. i asked my buddy if i can use his battery he also has an s4
    well my fone will not power on with his battery either so i was going to buy a screen for it but now what can the problem be if it wont turn on what else do i need to replace?
    and if i cant what part of the motherboard holds the phone memory (not sd card) so i may be able to get a fone to transfer it on if the motherboard isnt damaged of course
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    Default Re: broke gs4 no power

    The memory (RAM) is built onto the motherboard and soldered in place. If there was damage to the battery and screen there is a possibility something bigger could of happened shorting out something on the motherboard. Hard to say but a damaged battery during a drop could be a bad thing. You might be best sending it in for repair to a 3rd party shop if your interested in possibility salvaging the device where they can test things and narrow down the possibilities.

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