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    Default LG P970 - Power Button problem.


    I own this LG P970 (Optimus Black) since 3 years (I know that's a long time, but my SGS5 is on it's way to me) and since 1 or 2 weeks I've encountered some problems.
    First, my speaker from the top of the phone (I think that's the ear speaker, I dunno). It's completely quiet, I can't hear anything. But sometimes , when I call someone, from that calling beep i hear a liiiiitle bit, then it's quiet. And I keep using the speaker to talk, and people hear me not so good.
    Now, the main problem: power button. It is not working at all. Only when the phone is charging. Then, the power button has no problem. When I unplug it, it still works for some minutes, then it won't. I press it and nothing happens. I found a 'solution' - Awesome On Off. But it drains my battery fast.

    GOT TO MENTION: My battery is the same since I bought the phone, and I was charging it during the night (like 9 hours or so, because I was plugging it at 2-3 am and waking up at 12-1 pm.)
    For 3 days I was charging it 2-3 times a day and using it while it was charging because my wireless stopped working and I used my mobile network, and it was heating up like hell.

    Anyways, I just want to know if I can fix it at home, and if not, well.. That's it, I'll send it to a guy who can fix it and just make it work like when I got it. I'm getting my Samsung Galaxy S5 in 3 weeks or so and I want to give this phone to my mom. Yes, this 3 year old phone, I'll give it to my mom because she's not into smartphones so much.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: LG P970 - Power Button problem.

    Welcome to the forums.
    Sounds like a few hardware problems to me. The battery is probably bad due to not being used in three years.

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    Default Re: LG P970 - Power Button problem.


    No, I use the phone since I bought it.. Let's say.. 5 months of inactivity because i had some problems, but the battery is used. I thought that I should buy a new battery, but it's expensive, like.. 25€ for a battery, for a 3 YEARS OLD PHONE. But maybe I'm going to buy another one.
    Also, if I have Flappy Bird (original) on it, how much would it worth? :d

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