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    Default Rapid battery drain on 7" tablet.

    Hello everyone. The tablet that i have is cheap and has 0 % online support, its still new model. Anyway the battery that it uses is 3.7 v and has 2300 mah. Is that too small for a 7" screen ? After unpluging charger, the battery immediately drops to 98% then few moments later it just continues to drop and after 1-2 hours the battery is dead. Whatever you do battery just dies that fast. Only stand by mode doesnt waste battery. I tryed battery doctor, clean master and nothing got improved. I turned off anything, screen brightes is the lowest possible. What should i do. Is it good idea to buy some 5000 mah battery of ebay ? Thanks. The tablet is wondermedia tpc 7152.
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    Default Re: Rapid battery drain on 7" tablet.

    Uh yup... That is a pretty small battery capacity for a 7" tablet. Also sounds like the battery might be bad for such rapid drain.

    I'd try a new, extended capacity battery for the device if you can find one.
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    Default Re: Rapid battery drain on 7" tablet.

    Thanks for the answer. Another strange thing is that if the battery drains even faster ( playing games etc...) and after that you leave device in stand by mode, the battery will will go UP from 10% to even 90+% in 8 hours which was really strange to see because none device that i had did that.
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    Default Re: Rapid battery drain on 7" tablet.

    Yeah... The chip in your battery is definitely borked.

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