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    Default Samsung Tab S locks suddenly on tilt or bump - intentional or broken?

    When I am using my Tab S on a stand, if I grab the right edge or tilt the product in certain ways, it automatically locks up -- taking me to the lock screen and requiring a fingerprint all over again. It feels like this is some kind of accelerometer- or magnet-based system designed to serve as a feature (like, "closing the cover locks the device"). The problem is, it's not wanted, and so I have to be extra careful not to touch the tablet at times or else I have to log in again. Sometimes it's impossible to put my finger in the right position to unlock the tablet without re-tilting it, sending me into this mad game of unlock, unlock, unlock again.

    I went through alllll the settings and can't find anything. Nor do I see this online. Any ideas??? Thanks very much.
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    Default Re: Samsung Tab S locks suddenly on tilt or bump - intentional or broken?

    Welcome to Android Central! When it goes to the lockscreen, is it a smooth transition, or does the screen zap out, then reappear again in the lockscreen? If it zaps out, I would wonder if there is some loose or defective connection that causes the power button to briefly engage when you hold the tablet that way.

    A possible workaround (if the menu is available on the Tab S) is to go to Settings>Security, and uncheck "Power button instantly locks." This is on my Nexus 5--not sure if it's on your device.
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    Default Re: Samsung Tab S locks suddenly on tilt or bump - intentional or broken?

    Thanks for the reply. It does "zap out," and the behavior varies directly on whether I'm set on fingerprint, swipe, no lock at all, etc. Yes, the Tab S does have the same "Power button instantly locks" feature. With that unchecked I get it turning on and off but not locking.

    It's very maddening. I could not live with it so I've decided to just ship this back and try another unit. If the next one fails, I'll be back..........


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