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    Default S4 Active stuck, on power on att page

    Good day, I am looking for some possible help, however I probably know the answer. I decided to root my galaxy S4 Active, and after a few attempts, I was successful. I noticed I had gained about 1GB of useable space/memory, after removing all of the bloatware I could find to remove. I then started searching for a custom OS, but everyone that looked good, the S4 Active would not support. This, of course was after I had backed up all of my data, etc. I finally decided to keep my stock OS and go from there, while browsing around, I noticed that after backing up my data, I went from gaining a full 1GB, to loosing 2GB's with the back up. I decided to remove the backup since it was using more GB's than I had prior to the backup. By the way, I backed up my data on my computer as well, but cannot seem to export it to my phone. Maybe I saved it in the wrong format. Back to removing the backups. I saw all the space/memory taken up, so I proceeded to delete my backed up data. My thought was it redundant data, so it will just be removed, right? Well, I started the deleting and could not stop it, I turned the phone off. When I turned it back on, it came on normal, but got to the att page with the nice little jingle, and stops right at that point. I believe I have deleted ALL of my data. What is worse, I cannot retrieve the data from my computer, because i apparently didn't save it properly. So, I guess I am correct that the removal of all my data has indeed occurred. What are my best options. Thanks for your thoughts. I delved into something I should not have. A very expensive mistake.
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    Default Re: S4 Active stuck, on power on att page

    You may have to reflash the stock ROM with Odin, and essentially start over.

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