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    Default how can I backup my phone data?

    my samsung gs4 has completely frozen on the at&t logo when I try to reboot it. I've tried everything except for a factory reset and I'm going to try that too, but not without backing up all of my photos and everything. I tried to download Kies and Kies3 and neither of them would connect to my phone. My phone doesn't have an SD card either. How can I recover my data?
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    Default Re: how can I backup my phone data?

    My wives phone just did the same thing a couple days ago..
    she was hooked up with google so got some contacts back but lost all her photos..

    couldn't find a way to recover it yet...
    if I do ill let you know.
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    Default Re: how can I backup my phone data?

    Our phone wont go passed the Samsung logo. even with a hard reset it still wont go passed and shuts off after 6 seconds.
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    Default Re: how can I backup my phone data?

    To both OP and LightaDroid: Have you tried booting into Safe Mode?

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    Default Re: how can I backup my phone data?

    By any chance, did you have Google+ activated on your phone? It might have automatically uploaded your photos to your acct... I really hope you get them back. Good luck!
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    Default Re: how can I backup my phone data?

    Does ATT have a default backup feature? I know Verizon uses Verizon cloud to back up internal phone data

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