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    Default auto url..

    Every time i open the android, it's leading me to an url address..: https://admin.appnext.com/ClickUrl.html
    How can get rid of this?
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    Default Re: auto url..

    What do you mean by opening the Android? Are you talking about the stock Browser, or Chrome? What device are you using?

    Go to Settings>Apps>All, select the browser you're using, and Clear Cache and Clear Data, then Force Stop. Now open it again. Does it still go to that site?

    If it's Chrome, it may be syncing with information on your desktop Chrome browser. You may have to clear all of your browsing history on your desktop Chrome browser as well.
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    Default Re: auto url..

    This issue arose for me too, a few days now. I believe it's a new ad delivery method used by some apps. I can't figure out which app is causing it, as i haven't installed anything new recently. I assume it was added to an existing app as an update. It happens sporadically, sometimes when I open an app, other times when I just unlock my screen.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, as none of the anti adware apps I have tried have been able to identify it.
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    Default Re: auto url..

    I had 2 similar problems and I know how to solve one of them quickly (unfortunately not yours). I had the "admob" redirect and found the answer here on Android Central. On posting #37 Phil Hamlin listed his apps and people noticed that they had "Download Music Paradise Pro" in common. I had "admin.nextapp" also but deleted some apps (not sure what they were but one was a music download app also) before this discovery method. I would delete your music app just in case and see what happens. Good luck!

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