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    Cool Getting a VZW 4G sim

    I've been on the UDP for a loong time now. I'd like a newer phone, and I'd definately like the opportunity to use 4G. I am on a one line plan, and have been out of contract for years.

    I have an opportunity to get a 4G phone very inexpensively. I know it works, and is paid for, but had the phone cut off.

    I have been reading til my eyes bleed.

    What I think is right is that I can buy this phone, get a sim from my local store, pop it in, and do *something* and turn it on.

    My questions are:

    1) When I walk in the store and ask for a sim, I guess I just ask for a 4G sim? What do they do? Are they going to get into and screw with my account? How can I avoid them doing anything to risk my plan?

    2) Then what? Go into my VZW, and load the imei in there?



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