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    Default What smartphone to get?

    My upgrade is coming up and I'm having a hard time deciding on a new android phone. My finalists are the LG G3, the HTC One m8, and the Samsung Galaxy s5. I do have expirence with samsung. All three are great phones, its just which is worthy enough to be held in my hands. So I'm asking the android community for their opinion. Leave a comment on which phone you think is above the others, or telling on advantages and disadvantages of the smarthphones.

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    Default Re: What smartphone to get?

    You'll be used to the touch button layout on the Sammy, so stick with that. Although, you can customise those on the G3. On the HTC I don't know.

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    Default Re: What smartphone to get?

    I would go with the G3. Great phone, great screen, great camera.

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    Default Re: What smartphone to get?

    I have one, and I agree!

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    Default Re: What smartphone to get?

    I too recommend the G3.


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