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    Default SD card - B15Q

    I have an sd card in my phone but my apps won't go onto it,
    What do I do?
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    Default Re: SD card - B15Q

    If you've done everything correctly, it may just be a bad card. Could you try another?

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    Default Re: SD card - B15Q

    Is there somewhere a tutorial? I am trying to do exactly the same thing for cat b15q (kit kat 4.4.2)

    Thanx in advance
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    Default Re: SD card - B15Q

    It's up to the developers on how much, if any, app data can be moved. There really is no amount of modifying that con be done to change this.

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    Default Re: SD card - B15Q

    It's really up to how knowledgeable the developer is. Some apps, due to the way they're written, won't run from the card. If the developer knows what he's doing, he won't allow such an app to be moved (so he doesn't get complaints about the app not working, pass a lot of emails back and forth, only to find out it's installed on the card - which wastes time he could be using to develop an app - multiply that by thousands of users and ...)

    Android was never designed to run apps from the card, it was designed to store data on the card. If you want to spend the time, learn how the fstab file works and mount the card as your primary storage.

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