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    Default I am looking for the right smartphone and plan for me. Any ideas?

    So I am a tech gadget fanatic in DSLR's and high end desktop PC's. Because of this I have never really had much of a budget or a desire to get into smart phones. However of late I started bicycling and that made me realize that having an outdoor GPS would be fantastic while on trails.

    Also eh, my Harmony One Universal remote started failing so I figure I could kill two birds with one device by buying a nice smartphone companion device to be my universal remote and my gps while trails. While I am at it I could make it my alarm clock too. It would be cool to watch movies or play mp3's on my breaks and lunches at work too.

    I am not really after much call functionality, just an hour or two a week would be more than sufficient for calls outside of wifi areas. I have never been big on texting either because I got over the days of instant messaging back in the early 2000's when I moved away from text rpgs.

    Anyways so yeah. I am after cheap call services, meh data plan, but a good device to get things done with. I was looking at the Motorolla G LTE or whatever that is that has the expansion slot, but then realized it does not have an IR blaster....I was hoping I could use Tracphone because of the price, but might end up with AT&T go service.. Dunno!

    Yeah so what do you all suggest?
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    Default Re: I am looking for the right smartphone and plan for me. Any ideas?

    If you want something that works with your TV, it's going to have an IR blaster like you said. As far as I know, only the flagships from LG, HTC, and Sammy have those. Probably Sony and some others as well, but you're not going to find them on "mid-range" devices like the Moto G, or near stock phones like the Moto X and Nexus 5.
    Any data plan should be fine since you don't use much. T-Mobile has a $30 plan at Walmart that may work for you. GoPhone and other AT&T MVNOs are also worth looking into since they have lower prices than the usual carrier plans.

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