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    Question Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    I have experienced this on three different bluetooth headsets. I am on a call a new call comes in and my bluetooth connection drops and moves the call to the device -- the bluetooth option is still active and I have to turn it on and off to reconnect the call. In addition, I do not get a call waiting tone.

    Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    I'm having the same problem only on a Google Nexus 5. This drives me nuts and it also does it when the phone is connected via bluetooth to my 2013 Ford F150. I've reset the phone per Tmobile instructions numerous times and they even sent me out another phone but it didn't help, it also does the same thing. I called LG and they wanted me to send the phone into them for repairs, which I declined. So now I see this is happening even on a Samsung Galaxy 5. This lead me to believe that this is a Kit Kat problem since it's not phone specific. I had the Samsung Galaxy 3 and never had an issue with it. I really don't know what to do at this point but this problem really drives me bonkers.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    Just for the record, my Nexus 5 does this too on my Toyota Prius. I get a lot of calls sometimes, so this is very annoying.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    Please be aware that there are also updates to your car's Bluetooth systems. You may go to your car manufacturer website and search. While it still may be the phone's causing the problem, all the phone's are usually installed, and updated to latest Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth chip on older phone models may only support an older version of Bluetooth, but they still get pushed the latest software/firmware; your cars do not get updated. I have read that your car manufacturers can charge $$$ for Bluetooth updates to your car (they load with a USB memory stick, SO hard! ). Some allow updates for free if you have OnStar. There may be a way for you to download it and apply.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    I wish it was just the vehicles fault but in my case the phone does it even when I'm away from my truck. There is definitely something wrong with the phone. I'm in a love/hate relationship with it right now. I love everything about the phone except when I'm on a call using my bluetooth headset and another call comes in and it disconnects my headset and switches it over to the phone. It happened four times today.......grrrrrrr. I'm able to do a jump (upgrade) in about 30 days and I may be switching to an iphone. I'm really apprehensive about staying with an android phone especially when the first poster has a problem with the Samsung 5.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    I am having the same issue on my Plantronics Voyager headset and my cars Bluetooth. When I am on a call and another call comes in, my Bluetooth disconnects. I have to tap the Bluetooth button off then on to reconnect. I believe it is the Android os....sounds like it is happening to many people on different devices. It started happening on my Samsung S3 and I just upgraded to the Samsung Note 4 (which is awesome) and it happens on it too. Hopefully Lollipop will fix it???
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Drops on Call Waiting on Galaxy S5

    my S5 does this also in my BMW. my razor m does not do it.

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