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    Default Conflicting applications.

    When I switch on my 'phone, a panel showing two applications appears. They are Launcher and Nova Launcher.
    Above them I am asked to "Complete action using", and beneath them is the option of choosing "Always" or "Just one".

    Whichever action I choose, even if it's "Always" for either of them, the 'phone continues to display this panel every time it is switched on. This is very irritating and I want to avoid it.

    I tried applying "Force stop" to Launcher in Manage apps, but that hasn't stopped it reappearing.

    How can I stop this behaviour? Uninstalling Nova Launcher?

    The 'phone details are:

    Vodafone 785 (Android)

    Software version 4.2.2

    Baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P4

    Kernel version 3.4.5

    Build number Jelly Bean

    Software information 120HEG1
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    Default Re: Conflicting applications.

    Welcome to Android Central! Which launcher do you prefer to use? If you don't use Nova Launcher, uninstall it. If you prefer Nova, then go to Settings>Apps>All, select Launcher, and Disable it.
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    Default Re: Conflicting applications.

    I had a problem with Nova. After buying the Prime upgrade I sent email to the company asking for a fix or a refund.
    The company didn't have the courtesy to reply. So that, and as I think that the instructions are not very clever, I shall uninstall it.
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    Default Re: Conflicting applications.

    That's disappointing--I was under the impression that TeslaCoil was a good developer. Did you send your email here? support@teslacoilsw.com
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    Default Re: Conflicting applications.

    Re-written .....
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    Default Re: Conflicting applications.

    Yes, I thought so too after the application was recommended to me. The thread is here somewhere, but I don't have enough posts to merit including a URL. The thread number is, I think, 863688.

    Yes, that was the address I used.

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