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    Default All my data deleted on my note 3

    I m facing a very big problem please give me some solution.

    Today suddenly my note 3 get reboot
    And not hanged at the Samsung note 3 logo.
    I waited a lot but it was just still at that point only.
    So I have to press the power button for a long to get it restart but again the same stage came. On the note 3 logo it's get hanged again then I remove the battery
    Waited for a while then inserted on this time it's get on after a long time taken in start process .
    But this it started as I like very much new phone like factory reset
    And all my data got deleted.
    All accounts removed
    All software gone.
    All images and video gone.

    That all was very important to me
    Please help me
    How can I get all my data back.
    Why it got happened to my phone?
    What I have done wrong?
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    Default Re: All my data deleted on my note 3

    Welcome to Android Central! That's unfortunate. From what you describe, it sounds like there was some catastrophic failure that caused the phone to do a complete factory reset on its own. It's not common, but I have seen several other posts about this (can't remember if they were for Note 3's as well).

    Unfortunately, since it was a complete factory reset, all locally saved data is gone. If you had anything saved on the external microSD card (like photos), those should still be present. Hopefully you had a lot of your data synced to Google or some other cloud.

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