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    Unhappy Nexus 4 Heating/and Frequent Network Disconnects when using No-Root Firewall.

    Hello All -

    I have Nexus 4 which is not rooted.
    Version is 4.4.4.

    I tried using NoRoot firewall and Mobiwol firewall as well. In case of both the Firewall applications, the moment I activate the firewall following two things starts happening:
    1. Every few seconds Network gets disconnected(every 7 or 10 seconds) and then connects again automatically. This cycle goes on till the time Firewall is active. Once I stop the firewall, network remains constant as usual and no issues.

    2. Phone starts heating up, and temperature comes down when I deactivate the firewall.

    I tried using these two firewalls on other Android phones, and everything seems to work just fine. Phone does not get heat up and there is no network disconnects.
    I understand it is not firewall but creates VPN connection but frequent network Disconnections is a major issue for me.

    Is there something that I can to troubleshoot this issue of mine to use either of these No-Root kind of Firewall applications without frequent network disconnects and heating problem?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Many Thanks,
    Saurabh Khanna.

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