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    I am using an android model of huawei Y300-0151 version 4.1.1

    I was charging my phone when i noticed that the red light signalling for still charging was on for about two hours. That was when i checked and found out that the battery will only charge for upto 60 %. When I will only let it be, it won't really go up, only that it says charging. After awhile of being stuck to 60 %, the percentage of the battery charged will slowly go down.

    Like from 60 %, it will slowly decrease from 59 - up until I will remove the port.

    I don't know what is causing this problem.

    Please help!
    09-07-2014 03:59 AM
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    It could simply be that the battery is failing. See if you can try another without buying first, in case it isn't the battery, perhaps from a friendly repairer or phone store.

    If no go, get back to us and we'll discuss other possibilities.

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    09-07-2014 05:34 AM
  3. Rhyllei_HG45's Avatar
    Thanks ,, I kind of figured it was really the battery's problem.. .. If the battery is really failing, do I have another option on how to solve the battery fail or is buying another battery the only solution?
    09-15-2014 04:34 AM

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